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IperionX partners with Aperam recycling to pioneer sustainable titanium upcycling

IperionX has signed an agreement with Aperam Recycling to upcycle up to 12 tonnes of titanium scrap, primarily from the consumer electronics sector, into high-performance titanium products. This initiative aims to create a more sustainable and traceable US titanium supply chain, addressing the high-cost and traceability issues associated with traditional titanium sourcing.

Key details of the agreement:

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Upcycling titanium scrap: IperionX will use its patented technologies to transform titanium scrap into powder, which will then be used to manufacture various titanium products including near-net shapes, plates, rods, and wires.

Environmental benefits: The agreement is designed to advance a circular economy by keeping titanium within a closed-loop system, thus reducing carbon emissions associated with long-distance supply chains and conventional titanium production.

New manufacturing campus: IperionX’s new campus in Virginia will serve as a hub for processing titanium scrap and producing advanced titanium products. This will help in reshoring titanium production to the US, potentially lowering costs and increasing sustainability.

Partners’ expertise: Aperam Recycling and its American entity, ELG Utica Alloys, are key players in the sourcing and processing of titanium and other metals, handling over a million tonnes of metal annually.

The partnership underscores IperionX’s commitment to sustainable practices and innovation in titanium manufacturing, positioning them as leaders in the shift towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective titanium industry.

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