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“Protect Jadar and Rađevina”: No dialogue with Rio Tinto, their study is illegal

The association “Protect Jadar and Rađevina” announced today that they oppose opening any dialogue with the company Rio Sava Exploration regarding its environmental impact study related to lithium exploitation in Serbia, specifically the “Jadar” project.

The President of the National Assembly of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated yesterday that a public discussion should be held about the draft study on the environmental impact of Rio Tinto’s lithium mine, which was published on Thursday, including in parliament, possibly as early as next week.

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The statement from “Protect Jadar and Rađevina” recalls that the Government of Serbia canceled the “Jadar” project on January 20, 2022.

“Illegal and incriminating studies cannot be discussed, as this would constitute direct collusion with the company in undermining the constitutional order of Serbia and acting against the decisions of the Government of Serbia,” the statement reads.

The association noted that neither the President of Serbia, the Prime Minister, nor the Minister of Mining and Energy have the authority to grant any permits or opinions on a project that has been canceled and is defined by a set of laws. They emphasized that reviving the “Jadar” project would violate several domestic and international laws.

The “Protect Jadar and Rađevina” association appeals to the relevant authorities to act in accordance with the law and protect the people of Serbia from what they described as daily harassment and exposure to propaganda aimed at deceiving citizens and, ultimately, destroying Jadar and Rađevina.

Source :NIN

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