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Serbia mining: EU is Funding Development of the Cadastre of Mining Waste

The Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia announced today that it has started implementing the first project funded by the EU within the framework of the so-called decentralized management system.

The projects are implemented within the institutions of the Republic of Serbia, with control of the EU Delegation in Serbia.

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As stated, it is about making the Cadastre of mining waste, which is being implemented with the aim to help Serbia to harmonize its legislation with the EU acquis in the field of environment. The total investment value of the project amounts to EUR 2.1 million, of which 90 percent is financed by the EU, and ten per cent by the Republic of Serbia.

“On the completed tender procedure for this project the German company PLEIADES, was selected as a leader, in cooperation with DMT, a company also from Germany. During the project implementation, which will last for the next three years, the risk assessment, characterization and classification of mining waste will be conducted too, with about 200 to 250 abandoned mining waste dumps and about 200 active mines with mining waste, as well as three case studies on three different types of mining waste”, the statement says, adding that the project will reduce the risk of environmental damage caused by inadequate management of mining waste.

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