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Erin Ventures Canada completes drilling on its Jarandol Serbia boron exploration project

Erin Ventures Inc Canada reported on the completion of 2015 planned exploration program on its 100% owned Jarandol Basin Exploration License.

This phase included 8 exploratory vertical diamond drill holes totaling 2,723.8 meters.

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The completion of this drill program has fulfilled Erin’s license obligations with the Serbian authorities, regarding the renewal of its Jarandol exploration license.

The Jarandol License covers a 35 km2 area directly adjacent to, and between, Erin’s 100% owned Piskanja boron project (covering 3 km2) on the eastern edge of the Jarandol Basin, and the Serbian government owned Pobrdje Boron Mine, some 2.5 km away from Piskanja on the opposite edge of the Jarandol Basin.

Jarandol has the potential to host extensions to both the Piskanja and the Pobrdje boron deposits, and/or the potential to host separate, similar boron deposits

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